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To assist our clients through the planning stage we can create a microsite tailored for their development and bring the visual element to the planning process with dynamic interactive features and CGIs.  This promotes transparency and partnership in retail, commercial & residential developments.   The planning microsite can then be adapted ready for sales and include interactive site plans, with house types and 3D floorplans.

We are committed to ESG & technology and our platform transforms community engagement.  It is also a great way for young people to engage in the planning process, as we recognise that they are often one of the hardest demographics to access.


Our platform includes:

  • Planning proposals

  • Interactive CGIs – showing what the proposals will look like, including road infrastructure if required

  • Drone technology – 360 aerial view of the area with an aerial CGI of the development superimposed on the photography

  • Site plans

  • Sustainability

  • Community feedback form

  • Community engagement plans – signposting details of face-to-face meetings

  • Timelines

  • Additional tabs can be added as per development requirements 

To arrange a call for a Planning Platform demonstration please contact us

We also create Sales Platforms please enquire here

"Your planning platform is simply brilliant - we wish that all developers would use your Platforms when applying for planning permission to provide ease of reference, transparency, proper community engagement and therefore enable an efficient planning process" 

Senior Planning Officer, Local Authority, North London  

PLANNNING Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 19.26.24.jpg

"The Sales Platform has been a game-changer in terms of our pre-planning sales and commitment to sustainable marketing. The communities we work with, the LAs, and our future residents think that it's fantastic that we are engaging in such a transparent and easy-to-use way. Couldn't recommend your platforms highly enough!"

Property Development Director, Sevenoaks, Kent

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